Bake With Woodburning Stove And Oven

Baker stoveElectric and gas ovens use a lot of energy, but here’s an alternative that combines a woodburning stove and oven. The Dartmoor Baker’s Stove has an integral oven above the fire box utilizing the heat from the fire to bake, cook, or warm delicious food.
There is also an oven that attaches to the pipe of a wood burning stove, but in this case, the stove and oven are one piece.
The Dartmoor Baker’s have oven vents which allow the cooking smells and condensation to be drawn out of the oven and up the chimney. If you would like to use the top of the stove to warm a pan or boil a kettle then the use of the back flue outlet is recommended when installing the stove. Using the rear flue outlet will create a clear area, providing extra space and access to the hotter part of the top plate (near the back), a special back adaptor with flue cleaning access can be purchased to achieve this.

Baker woodburning stoveThese wood stoves have a removable cleaning plate located inside the oven. This door provides a cleaning access to the top of the oven or for sweeping the chimney when fitted with a top exit flue.
The Dartmoor baker stove and oven in manufactured by Dean Forge


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