Cozy Summer Cabin Is A DIY Assemble Yourself Kit For $4,400

Cozy summer cabin houseWith so many designs and options available today, it can sometimes be hard to find the one for you.
If your budget is not large and you are looking for a summer cabin, an off grid vacation spot for yourself and your family, this design might just be for you!
This charming backyard cabin is a very nice example of the prefab cabins and structures that are available to purchase. You could even set some of them up as a tiny house in your back yard and fit a mini kitchenette into it, and perhaps even rent it out to guests. This cabin is called the Byron Summer Home and comes from The Natural Gardener.
There are even windows up above the one set of doors on the ceiling level, and windows on two sides of the cabin. A lovely little patio is perfect to sit and enjoy coffees or teas.
The wonderful thing is that most of these structures can be easily constructed by yourself (maybe with the help of a handy friend), and usually you can buy one for a very affordable price, like this one, depending on how large you wish to create your getaway.


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