Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada

A family of 7 are living completely off grid on a 40-acre land in Northern British Columbia, Canada. They built their own off-grid house for less than $25,000 with cedar posts sunk into the ground like a pole barn, log rafters, plywood, foam insulation, and a living roof. The house was so affordable to build because they didn’t have to excavate or pour a concrete foundation, dig a well, or install a septic system.

Their solar power system powers everything they need. The 2.5 Kilowatt solar power system installed on their shop roof with a lithium ion battery bank powers their full-sized fridge, a chest freezer, washing machine, plus a mixer, blender and a toaster. They have a backup generator, but they only have to use it for about 40 hours per year during prolonged cloudy or snowy periods.
They have 2 composting bucket toilets and they sprinkle sawdust into the buckets after each use to absorb moisture and prevent smells.

For heat, they cut their own firewood for their Blaze King catalytic wood stove, and for their antique cookstove in the kitchen that they use for cooking and baking.

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