Living 40 Years Off Grid Alone – “The Snow Guardian”

Snow guardianFor just over 40 years, billy barr – he insists his name be written with lower case letters only – has been living by himself in Gothic, Colorado, a ghost town deserted since the 1920s, passing the time by recording all sorts of data, from daily snowfalls, temperatures, snow melting, animal sightings, and more.
The results of his 4-decade hobby now helps scientists better understand global warming and earned him a cool superhero name – The Snow Guardian.

billy bar first went to Gothic in 1972 as a Rutgers University environmental science student doing water chemistry research. He liked the quiet life so much that he completed his semester to get his degree and became a permanent resident of the mountainous ghost town. He had grown up in New Jersey, but never really liked being surrounded by so many people, so moving to this secluded ghost town was a chance to get away from social pressure. “I grew up in the city. It was too much for me,” he says.

billy barr goes weeks at a time without seeing another human being, and the only way to reach the closes town is by skis.
Watch the video for a fascinating story:

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