Would You Sleep In A Floating Capsule That Drifts To A Private Island Overnight?

Floating capsuleThis may sound like a dream, except it is real. You could lie on a bed in a floating capsule and look into the stars while overnight the capsule will slowly move to an island featuring attractions.
Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, is developing the floating capsule hotels that will drift through Omura Bay to a 10-acre island where there will be “adventure-type attractions.”
Surprisingly, the cost to stay in the floating hotel isn’t outrageous, either. It will cost about 30,000 to 40,000 yen, which is $264 to $352. (Plus, you can share that among four people, as that’s how many the hotel sleeps.)

Huis Ten Bosch, the Japanese park, is a mini-Netherlands, replicating Dutch-style buildings like hotels, theaters, shops and restaurants, as well as signature windmills and lush gardens.
Japanese island Or perhaps you could get away with an seaplane camper.

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