Solar Powered RV For Off Grid Travels And Living

Solar RVWhether you call them RVs, caravans, campers, or motorhomes (or tiny homes), the idea of owning one is a dream for many these days, either as a nomadic tiny home or as a vacation or retirement vehicle.
German RV company Dethleffs seems to have seen the writing on the wall about electrification, or at least an opportunity for first-mover advantage, as it has revealed an electrified version of a Class C motorhome that goes above and beyond just being fully electric, as it’s completely wrapped in thin-film solar cells that can be used for topping off the RV’s batteries. The cabin of the e.home is built onto an Iveco Daily Electricchassis, which has an 80 kW motor and a 228 Ah battery pack of sodium-nickel-chloride cells that boasts a range of up to 174 miles (280 km) per charge in its pre-conversion state.Solar RV interiorThis solar RV has all electric appliances, several sleeping areas, a kitchen, a bathroom, etc., but also includes some cutting-edge components that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the heating system and augmenting the privacy and comfort of the residents of the e.home. By incorporating “latent heat accumulator plates” made with a phase change material that can absorb excess heat and store it to be released after the sun goes down, and by integrating infrared heating elements in the floor and furniture, the e.home is designed to feel cozy to the occupants without consuming excessive amounts of electricity.Solar RV interior

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This RV is made by Dethleffs.

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