Stylish Camping Pod Made From Bamboo

Camping podThis camping pod is perfect for glamorous camping, as a temporary backyard gazebo, studio or meditation space. This beautiful tent pod made from bamboo was inspired by the flowery forms of nature.
Designed by Melbourne-based company Giant Grass, the Camping Pod is intended as a semi-permanent structure, to be raised off the ground on a platform in order to protect people from ground moisture – recycled pallets were used in this demo.
As the spring season is here, many may be planning camping trips or looking forward to doing things in the garden. Well, now it can be done is a stylish manner. Or maybe you prefer a mobile off grid pod tiny home Either way, the outdoors are calling us 🙂
Camping podA beautiful and glowing pod …Camping pod

Camping pod insideLearn more about this pod at Giant Grass

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