The Most Sustainable Town In America

Most sustainable town, future sustainable cityThis planned community could become the most sustainable town in America. When finished, it will be powered almost entirely by the sun, turning to natural gas on cloudy days. Homes will be energy-efficient, many of them constructed with insulated panels designed to handle any type of weather.
Babcock Ranch, located about 20 minutes from Fort Myers, Florida, will be fully walkable and bikeable, with 50 miles of nature trails. A fine example of an eco-centric new town which is raising the bar on responsible development with residential and community-wide standards.

Residents will be able to plant crops in community gardens. Community gardens are a natural extension of Babcock Ranch’s environmental sustainability vision, which seek to ensure that residents can meet their current needs in harmony with the environment. Houses will be set near sidewalks so neighbors can more easily interact with one another.

To encourage homeowners to drive electric vehicles, the town will install numerous charging stations. This community is being planned as a greenfield community with low speed, automated, electric shared mobility vehicles available for use by its residents and businesses. An advanced public and private transportation system of shared, driverless vehicles is expected to be the backbone for moving people and goods.

The plan for this sustainabale town and future city calls for 19,500 homes, schools, shops, green spaces, lakes and nature trails. Eventually, they plan to add condos and apartments. Someday, as many as 50,000 people will live there.
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