88 Years Old Lives Off Grid Alone

Off grid at 88 alone in a log cabinIt’s not often when you run into someone who truly lives off grid. Here’s proof that aside from property tax, you can live pretty much without money! When you raise your own livestock, have flowing water, grow your own crops, wash clothes and dishes by hand, and make your own food, there’s really no need for a steady income.
This is a true life story about Edna, a wonderful 88 years old woman who has lived “off the grid” since 1960.
She lives in an old log cabin her father built 83 years ago. There is no electricity or running water. She has a cellar for her fridge.Off grid at 88 sitting at her cabin's porchEdna sitting on her front porch with her Bible. She was raised in this house from the age of 3. She is 88 (almost 89 now).

Off grid at 88 shows outdoor soap makingShe makes her own lye soap and also dish soap from wood, ash and water. And here she is pouring some sassafras tea from her wood stove.Off grid at 88 making tea on wood stove“This is a woman who is happy and feels so blessed. She does not live off the system whatsoever and draws no food stamps or social security.” ~ Transcript and photos by Jeanie Lawson

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