How To Build An Earthbag Dome For $300

Earthbag domeAn Earthbag dome is very simple to design and build. These domes can be covered with a living roof, or finished with mud or plaster. They are structurally solid, and when complete can blend into the landscape.
An earthbag dome is very inexpensive to build and can be a good option for people to build on a limited budget.
It can serve as a storage shed or cool pantry above ground, or as a root cellar or storm shelter below ground. No building permit is typically needed, because it is below the minimum size required by building codes and it is not inhabited, nor attached to a residence.
The dome structure below was built to show the construction technique back in 2009 for only $300. With a little ingenuity and creative thinking one can easily see how this type of structure could be scaled up to build even an off grid home.Earthbag dome planEarthbag dome planThe dome foundation …Earthbag dome foundationSee more pictures on the next page:

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