Couple Turns Off Grid Dream Into Reality In A Shipping Container Home

Off grid shipping container homePaul and Sarah Chambers had enough of spending the majority of their income on their large suburban home and decided to turn their off grid dream into reality by living off the land in a home built from two shipping containers. They created a beautiful piece of paradise in Australia where they live surrounded by nature, grow their own food, and have no utility bills or mortgage payment.
They moved the shipping containers to a rural property and placed them on concrete blocks. The advantage of using containers for their home is that they can be moved in the future with relative ease, if necessary.Off grid shipping container homeThe building took three years, as all the work was done by Paul and Sarah, learning along the way how to do each step of the build. They did one project at a time, getting materials as they could afford them, until the home was complete.Off grid shipping container homeContinued on the next page:

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