Escape To A Romantic And Magical Retreat

Magical retreatCozy and totally private, tucked away in a corner of the glorious Cheshire countryside, this is a perfect retreat for a romantic getaway.
If you’re looking for magical adventure and would like to step out of reality and rest a while then look no further! The Hobbitesque Snug is a quirky and unique experience, something a little different, and very romantic with its cozy wooden structure which smells of pine and has cute Hobbit like round windows and door.
With one bedroom and 2 beds, it can accommodate up to 3 guests – available for vacation rentals, see link at the end.
At night time you can hear owls hooting, foxes barking and see the bat’s flitting about catching their dinner. It’s a special place to be close to nature.Magical retreatMagical retreatMagical retreatMore pictures on the next page:

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