How To Make Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza OvenBaking pizza and bread outdoors is an amazing idea, especially if you are able to share and enjoy it with some friends. And actually, building a cob oven is easy, fast and inexpensive, as well!
Cob is a basic building method of cooking oven. This is a very old style of building that has been used for many many years. People even use this method to build houses down in the more desert like place, where it is dry and warm.
It is also a very sustainable and eco friendly type of building to build with materials from the earth. Your pizza would be cooked by elements of the earth, and would taste delicious.

So, with some clay, sand, sawdust, brick, some recycled beer bottles and old cinder blocks, you will everything you need to make your own outdoor pizza oven.Outdoor Pizza OvenAnd now here are the detailed steps with pictures

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