Off Grid Cabin In Hawaii Near Volcano

Off grid cabin in HawaiiThis off grid cabin is located in Hawaii and is very close to the active volcano, Kilauea. If you are adventurous, stay at this cabin and keep your ear to the lava ground to hear the rumbling of the volcano while experiencing this unique home.
This 450 sq.ft. cabin is fully furnished, with a kitchenette, bedroom loft, living area, and bathroom. There is a front and side porch as well.
The home, called Phoenix House, is clad in charred Shou Sugi Ban timber to blend into the surroundings as well as recycled rusted corrugated metal that represents hot lava. In addition to its use of solar power and recycled materials, it also collects and reuses rainwater.Off grid cabin in Hawaii interior viewSimple, rustic, yet charming interior …Off grid cabin in Hawaii kitchenMore pictures on the next page:

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