Remote Off-Grid Treehouse

Off grid treehouseLocated high in a tree overlooking a forested valley, this off grid treehouse is found deep in Northern California’s Six Rivers National Forest.
The treehouse is part of a remote, off-grid “village” including a few other cabins, chickens, dogs, frogs, cats, permaculture gardens and many cool, sustainable projects.
If you are looking for a unique experience in a beautiful natural area and would like to experience life in an off-grid, sustainable, permaculture-focused ecovillage, then this place is perfect for you.
The tree house is on a 160 acre property of pristine natural wilderness in Northern California’s beautiful Smith River canyon – home of the only un-dammed river in the state, near Gasquet.
Let’s explore further:Off grid treehouseOff grid treehouseSee the interior photos on the next page:

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