The GroundFridge: Great Option For Off-Grid Food Storage

Ground fridgeThe Groundfridge is an underground storage unit (also under the brand Weltevree).
You can use Groundfridge to cool anything, but it’s especially great for fresh products such as vegetables, fruits (maybe from your garden?), wine, cheese and groceries.
Groundfridge is made out of fiber-reinforced composite. The door is also made of fiber-reinforced composite with a layer of premium-quality foam insulation and has stainless steel hinges and door fittings.
It is perfectly off grid, 100% powered by nature. Even the ventilator is solar-powered!
The whole design was inspired by the root cellar, being isolated underground, where the groundwater provides a cooling effect. The underground storage is insulated with 3.5 foot layer of excavated soil, keeping the constant annual temperature between 10 and 12° C. Basically, it’s the perfect environment to store food and beverages, keeping them fresh and healthy on the wooden shelves. Another advantage is related to its volume, which is equal to twenty conventional fridges.
Ground fridgeGroundfridge stores a whopping 3000 liters, which is equal to 146 homemade apple pies, an impressive wine collection or two grown adults, standing up comfortably. It’s perfect for fresh products like vegetables, cheese or wine.Ground fridgeMore info on the next page:

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