Using A Wood Burning Cooking Stove

Cooking wood stoveOnce you cook with a wood cooking stove, you will never want to go back to gas or electric stoves. They are actually having a comeback as more and more people move to countryside and choose off the grid living.
This stove normally includes a built in oven for baking, and sometimes has a reservoir for heating water.
Old wood cooking stove
The major difference with wood cook stoves is that there are no knobs or nozzles that let you know you’re cooking on “low,” “medium” or “high.” As you get to know your new cookstove, you’ll have to pay attention to how the heat is distributed and learn the heat zones that are for slow cooking versus fast.
How fast food cooks will vary depending on how hot your fire is, so you can’t always rely on the cooking time listed in a recipe or assume that it will take as long as it took the last time you cooked it on the wood stove.
To make sure that your food cooks evenly over this type of surface, you may need to shift or rotate it from time to time, and learn how to control your “drafts.”
Vintage stove
Cast iron cookware pairs perfectly with a wood-burning stove. Cast iron is naturally non-stick, it conducts heat, it won’t leave any residue on the cookstove.

Now let’s watch our wood stove in action:


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